Education for Rural Transformation: The Role of Community Learning Centers in Nepal


  • Tanka Nath Sharma School of Education, Kathmandu University, Lalitpur



Community Learning Center, Education for Rural Transformation, Rural Transformation, Nepal


The main purpose of this paper is to document the potential contributions of thecommunity learning centers in the process of rural transformation and explorehow formal, non-formal and informal education are blended for capital formation,empowerment and self sufficiency of the rural communities. Discussions andarguments presented in this paper are based on secondary sources supplemented bya field-based case study.Nepal’s rural communities over the years are facing poverty, deprivation andignorance. Education and skills for life are particularly important to combat ruralpoverty and deprivation by developing capacity of rural people to take advantage ofavailable opportunities for reducing economic and non-economic poverty.Community learning centers (CLCs) as the local educational institutionsoutside the formal structure, can create various learning options and opportunities,responding to the diverse needs of the rural communities living in a complexsituation. Referring to a case study, the paper has advocated that CLCs can beinstrumental in rural transformation by offering diverse programs in educationand community services such as: early childhood care and development, goodquality primary education for all children, second chance basic education for youth,literacy and post literacy programs, women education program, vocational skilldevelopment, income generating programs and community development servicesfor improving the quality of life of rural people. The paper further suggested thatCLC has potential to offer assistance to the students of local schools in improvingtheir academic achievement and to serve as a local institutional base offeringtechnology-based open and distance learning opportunities and engage rural peoplein lifelong learning and continuing education.




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