Schooling: Knowledge, Perception and Practices of Parents


  • Saraswoti Bharati
  • Hosokawa Takao Ehime University, The United Graduate School of Agricultural Sciences



This paper aims to provide aninsight in policy making forfurther development in primaryeducation sector. It is based ona field study conducted in TalkuDudhechaur village duringSeptember – October, 2008 toanalyze the role of parents inschooling in rural area. Thestudy showed that in spite of loweconomic and education level ofthe family, there is an increaseddemand and desire for schooling.However, about half of the parents’attitude towards schooling is stillnegligent, due to lack of willingnessand determination. Thisconfirmed that the establishmentof free primary education is nota sufficient solution. Insteadmaking primary educationcompulsory and involving parentsin school education more closelyis an urgent need. In addition,compulsory birth registration andimplementing modest laws andduty are also required to ensure thechange in schooling pattern.




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Bharati, S., & Takao, H. (2010). Schooling: Knowledge, Perception and Practices of Parents. Journal of Education and Research, 2, 44-51.



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