Shree Krishna Wagle


Mr. Shree Krishna Wagle completed his MPhil in educational leadership from Kathmandu University School of Education (KUSOED) in 2016. He has degree of MA in English literature (2010) from St. Xavier’s College, TU. He is particularly interested in education, philosophy and Psychology.

As a part of his MA in English Literature he made extensive research studies on existential post-modern predicaments of human beings. Thereafter, he visited more than 50 different institutional schools from Kathmandu Valley and nearby districts as school-based motivational speaker. Following his interest in developmental psychology, as a part of his MPhil in educational leadership, he made self-reflective inquiry on conditioning of learning emotions among high school adolescents in institutional schools of Nepal. There, he came with insightful meaning-making that understanding the day-to-day learning emotions is more important than mastering few prescribed curriculum at school.

After MA graduation, Wagle worked as a principal of an institutional high school of Kathmandu for two years. Thereafter, he taught as full time English lecturer at Little Angels’ College, Hattiban, Lalitpur for another four years. At present, he is engaged to different research based organizations as senior researcher, particularly focused to the area of education.

Currently, Wagle is a PhD fellow under NORHED fellowship at KUSOED. Following Participatory Action Research, he is to construct STEAM based contextualized curriculum framework for basic school education of Nepal. Throughout the research project, in collaboration with related stakeholders, he is also to implement, and evaluate the transformative potentiality of the framework

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