Janahit Secondary School

Project Schools

Shree Janahit Secondry School, Dhapcha-9, Kavre is a leading school for project intervention under KU. The school is located to the road side and it lies in between Shree Saraswati Primary School, Dhapcha 3, Kavre to the right and Shree Dhapcha Secondary School, Dhapcha 14, Kavre to the left. Both Saraswati Primary schools and Shree Dhapcha Secondary School are selected as feeder schools for the intervention.

The school has 10 ropanies of land area. There are 285 students studying from class 1 to 12 at present. They usually come from about 2 hours walking distance around the school. Out of those students, 135 students are from basic school (class 1-8). 9 teachers are currently teaching at basic level. There is library but it is poorly managed. We didn’t see computer lab. Toilet is under construction. There is neither any provision for rain water harvesting nor the school garden.

Click the image below to find location map of the school in Google map

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