Shree Nabin Primary School

Shree Nabin Primary School was established on January 27 th, 1985 and once it was an
example school. According to the headteacher, the school started teaching the students under the Peepal (sacred fig) tree due to lack of building. The students were also taught in the cowshed, afterwards, they got an abandoned building where teaching and learning took place. Now the school has two concrete buildings, 3-4 Ropani of land (half an acre), and the classrooms are carpeted with low tables and cushions for the students. There is ample space for the students to do indoor activities in the classroom. There is a wardrobe in each classroom to keep the personal items of the students. Now, the students are under the hands of experienced teachers.

There are 66 total students, 39 female and 27 male students in the school in the year 2018.There are 5 teachers, 3 male and 2 female teachers, out of which two of them are
appointed for ECD, three of them are permanent teachers and 2 of them are temporary teachers. There is one supporting staff.

The school owns 5 computers, which are donated by the Rotary Club of Taiwan. There is a
small library where students get to study once a week and has around 2000 books. There is also a dustbin in each classroom and a book corner in each classroom except for grades 4 and 5. There is one male teacher’s toilet, one male student’s toilet, and one female student’s toilet, altogether there are 3 temporary toilets in the school for 66 students and 6 staff.

The school has a playground that is sufficient for all the students to assemble and play
games. The lack of fence is a concern for the school.