The CESA conference 2021 will focus on the everyday learning and life quality to recognize the social and cultural ways of learning to live together, learning to know, learning to do and learning to be (UNESCO, 1996)[1].  In general, the conference will aim to generate knowledge on everyday learning, lifelong learning, and quality of life.  More specifically, the conference will spotlight the following objectives.

To deliberate on how education works in the immediate everyday contexts and how it connects to life

  • To generate and disseminate knowledge on everyday learning and lifelong learning and its contribution to life quality
  • To deliberate on the aspects like quality, equity, and justice in everyday learning context.
  • To highlight the social and cultural dimension of knowledge generation through everyday experience and lifelong learning
  • To discuss ways to link everyday learning with emerging needs and advancements
  • To hold dialogues on the role and contribution of everyday learning to formal, non-formal learning
  • To provide a forum to educational actors to share their knowledge and experiences on literacy, everyday learning, and life-long learning for life quality

[1] UNESCO. (1996). Learning: The treasure within. Paris: Author