The CESA 2021 conference is expected to bring about outcomes that will contribute to broaden the comparative perspective in knowledge building and its usefulness to understand aspects of everyday learning and life quality and the relationships between them as well as in theorizing them.  Further, it can be expected that the conference will successfully establish the theme ‘everyday learning’ as an important field of study and an important learning strategy which will help in establishing its policy and practice rationale.  The conference will bring together the renowned practitioners and academicians from around the world for knowledge sharing and in recognizing local ways of knowing, doing, being, and living.  The conference will thus offer an avenue to use and reflect the comparative perspectives to analyze social and cultural issues in relation to everyday learning and life quality.  The conference will also open-up dialogues on different possibilities to improve the life quality of people through their everyday learning.

Papers that will be presented in the conference and publications that will be made including the selected conference papers will be an important outcome of the conference.  One other important outcome of the conference will be a reinforced network of researchers and practitioners of comparative perspective in Asia through partnership on research, training, education, and in sharing experiences and knowledge.