Innovations in teaching and learning through contextualized approaches to increase the quality, relevance and sustainability of education in Nepal.

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In line with the recently adopted Global Goals for Sustainable Development, this project aims to catalyze improvements in the quality of teaching and learning at the basic education level in Nepal through innovative, transformative and contextualized pedagogical approaches. The project will strengthen the motivation and capacity of a range of stakeholders at the local level, but also at the higher education level to enable Tribhuvan University and Kathmandu University to take a leading role in establishing dynamic networks of innovative, transformative and contextualized educational programs. The following approaches will be used to realize these main objectives:

Project Schools

 Shree Janahit Secondry School, Dhapcha-9, Kavre is a leading school for project intervention under KU. The school is located to the road side and it lies in between Shree Saraswati Primary School, Dhapcha 3, Kavre to the right and Shree Dhapcha Secondary School, Dhapcha 14, Kavre to the left. Both Saraswati Primary schools and Shree Dhapcha Secondary School are selected as feeder schools for the intervention. Read More

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