Rupa Chapagain

Rupa Chapagain supports that meaningful learning takes place when children are able to connect textbook knowledge to solve daily life problems. Currently, she is working with her co-researcher at Janahit Secondary school to facilitate student-teacher to identify their needs, gaps, and solution for goat farming using participatory action research. Her research focuses on student-teacher engagement in practical and field works to explore local fodder species for Goats Farming. As most of the livelihoods of students and teachers are based on goat farming, her research will be site relevant and applicable. After this PAR, students will be able to connect school knowledge into daily life and improve their livelihood. Her research will follow the idea of experiential and transformative learning theory.

She accomplished her graduation in B.Sc forestry in 2019 and engaged in Master in Sustainable Development at Kathmandu University in 2021. In her academic gaps, she was designated as a researcher in a forestry-based project named “Enhancing Livelihood from Improved Forest Management in Nepal” for a couple of years and has published a few articles on forestry-related issues.