Shree Dapcha Secondary School

Shree Dapcha Secondary School is one of the oldest schools in the area; the establishment date
of the school is 1929 AD. There are 170 students in total from ECD to grade 10 in the year 2018.
There are 12 teachers, out of whom 8 are male teachers while 4 are female teachers. 8 of the
teachers are permanent and two are temporary. The school also has one ECD teacher and
one supporting staff. Currently, the school building is under construction, which is the main
cause of a decrease in the number of students.

The school has 12 computers in the computer lab, which were used weekly by the
student. The school has electricity; however, they don’t have a landline (telephone) and also no
internet. They have a library which is used by the students every day. Even though it is a
secondary school, the school lacks a science lab.

The total number of toilets is 6, two for boys, two for girls and two for teachers which
includes one urinal for boys and one urinal for girls. There is no tap but there is a water bucket
with water inside the toilet for students’ use. As for the water, they use protected spring water
which is stored in the bucket and they do not collect rainwater.

The school provides scholarships to the students. So far, the school has provided 25
scholarships to the Dalit and oppressed students, 91 scholarships to the girls, and 15 for the poor
students in the year 2018.

Shree Dapcha Secondary School, Namobuddha Municipality, Kavre