Shree Kali Ganga Primary School

The school was established in 2008. According to the headteacher, in 2064-2065 BS
(2009 A.D.), the school was announced as a model school. However, the earthquake destroyed the school building, and after that, the school has been under construction. With the support of external agents, the completion of the buildings is under 5-year plan.

The school owns 1 ropani 4 annas of land. Even though the school has enough space for
all the students to assemble at once, this space is not enough for the students to play games. There are three buildings and one office. The school has 6 classrooms and one of which is temporary that needs repair.

The classrooms are bright and well ventilated; there are enough desks and benches for the
students. Each classroom has a whiteboard/blackboard, a dustbin, and a bookshelf. The school has electricity and three donated computers. Rupantaran provided internet support to the school. There is a small library, which is used once a week. There are two toilets and two urinal toilets and the school does not have a garden. Scholarship opportunity has been provided to Dalit and oppressed students.

There are 3 male and 3 female teachers and one supporting staff. Out of them, 4 are
temporary, 2 are permanent and one is internal. The total number of students is 36.

Shree Kali Ganga Primary School, Khanalthok