Presented Papers

Kathmandu University School of Education, Nepal and
Institute of International Education, Stockholm University, Sweden
Comparative Education Society of Nepal

Papers Presented in the Symposium

Author Title of the Paper  

Prof. A. Robinson-Pant

Beyond the Classroom: From Education for Rural Transformation to Learning Within Rural Transformation Keynote Paper
Dr.A. T. David Education and Social Justice: Re-Engineering Ways Towards Social Delivery Keynote Paper
Dr. B. C. Luitel Imagination, Auto-ethnography and ‘small p’ Philosophical Inquiry: Breaking, Making and Reclaiming the Tradition in Researching Rural Transformation Keynote Paper
B. R. Paudel Skills and Enterprise for the Transformation of Women's Life in Nepal  
B. P. Subedi Transformative Role of Educational Institution: A Case Study of Rural Community School of Nepal  
Dr. B. Upreti & S. KC Service Delivery in Post Conflict Nepal: Reflections From the Education Sector  
B. Afzal Class Management Issues for Teachers in Australian Classrooms Having Non-English Speaking Background (NESB)  
C. Shrivastav Deconstructing the 'Rural Space' of Rural Teachers in India: Implications for Rural Transformation  
Dr. C. N. Biamba Education for Sustainable Development in Higher Education: A Study Examining the Challenges and Opportunities for a Teacher Training Program  
Prof.D. Orey and Prof.M. Rosa Much Ado With Nothing: How Brazil Has Dramatically Increased Access to Higher Education Using Long Distance Education  
D. P. A. Oliveira Culturally Relevant Pedagogy and Funds of Knowledge Into Practice: Developing Rural Activities  
D. Bajracharya Reasons Behind the Incompletion of Full Cycle in Nepalese Primary Schools  
E. Carm, M. Johannesen, & Prof. L. Øgrim Fostering new and innovative teaching methods by transforming teacher training into distance delivery mode – creating conditions for dialogue and inclusion of diverse epistemologies  
Dr. G. M. Tumibay Cloud-Based Information Management System Model for Public Schools of AngelesCity, Philippines  
H. P. Nepal The Role of Curriculum for Rural Transformation in Nepal: Discussion of a Neglected Area  
H. Kumar Quality Early Childhood education for ensuring Quality Elementary Education in rural Rajasthan  
H. Eikeland A Study of Nepalese Teachers' Life Histories  
I. M. Rai Educational Resilience of Squatter Children in Kathmandu Metropolitan City  
J.  O. Odero

ICT in Education for Rural Transformation in Africa

J. Bajracharya Ten Dimensional Quality Assurance Model for Open and Distance Learning  
Prof. J. M. de Mascarenhas, F. T. Barata, S. Capelo, & M. Maharjan Rural Areas and Land Planning: Some Educational Proposals  
Prof. K Pushpandham & Dr. K. Viswabhusan Politics of Rural Transformation in India: Context and Prospects Keynote Paper
Dr. K. S. Moore

Reengineering Vocational Education in Thailand Toward ASEAN Competence: An Era of Collaboration Between Colleges and the Workplaces

Dr. K. Bedi Online Education for Rural Transformation in the Indian Ocean  
K. P. Paudel Knowledge Management System: A Tool for Social Cohesion in Nepal  
K. Haklin & Prof. C. Zhu ‘ICTs’ Answering the Learning Needs of Students in Rural Areas in Thailand  
L. B. Pun & H. Adhikari Challenges of Migration on Rural Education Transformation  
Dr. L. D. Awasthi Rural Transformation Through IT in Schools Keynote Paper
M. B. Khatri Entrepreneurial Education: Programs for Rural Transformation  
Prof. M. Ahmed

Post 2015 Education Agenda: Greening Rural Transformation

Keynote Paper
J. Acharya & M. Shiohata Transformation of Teacher Belief and Practice? Enhancing Formative Teaching and learning in Nepal  
M. Dahal Culturally Responsive Approaches for Early Childhood Education and Development  
Dr. M. W. Rumpagaporn The Application of Sufficiency Economy Concept for Rural Transformation  Through Teaching and Learning Processes to Promote Students’ Analysis Thinking in Business and Computer Major in Faculty of Education, Kasetsart University, Thailand  
Dr. M. Wilson Rationality, Power and Education: Towards an Integrated Research Strategy for Rural Transformation in Nepal Keynote Paper
M. Paudel Community Managed Schools (CMS) for Rural Transformation in Nepal  
Dr. N. P. Kafle & N. P. Dahal Effect of Quality and Innovation on Rural Transformation in Education: A case of Nepal  
Prof. N. J. Pradhan

Pedagogical Practices in Rural Primary Schools

N. L. De Silva

Community Building and Social Transformation Through ERT

Prof. P. C. Taylor Transformative Education for Sustainable Future Keynote Paper
P. R. Gautam Women in Micro Entrepreneurships: Determinants and Status in Kavre District  
Prof. V. Chinapah Needs of ICT for Learning and Inclusion Among the Rural People Keynote Paper
Dr. P. Buasuwan, S. Sarnswang, & Prof. V. Chinapah Fostering Holistic Education Through a Service Learning Partnership Model Keynote Paper
R. Thakur Knowledge Among Minorities and Its Influence on Their Social Transformation: A Case of Mushars  
R. R. Timilsina

Reengineering Education for Life Style Modification 

R. Dhungana Delocalization of Rural Nepali Market: A Comparative Case Study of Nepal and Switzerland  
R. Chaulagain Financial Knowledge and Skills for Development of Rural Entrepreneurship  
Prof. R. S. Ghuman & Dr. R. Sharma Vocational Training and Capacity Building Through CSR: A Case Study of SAIL  
I. M. Rai, Dr.B. C. Luitel,  S. Gautam, & B. P. Pant Educational Resilience of Rural Adolescents: Transformative Narration  
T. R. Pokhrel Activity Based Curriculum: An Approach to Address Education for Rural Transformation  
T. N. Khanal Rural Transformation Through Instructional Leadership  
U. Upreti & B. Bhandari Education in Community School of Rural Nepal: Where Does the Problem Lie? Re-engineering School Management for Quality Education  
Prof. W. Lu Rural Teacher Issues in China for Balanced Development of Compulsory Education in Rural Areas: Based on Empirical Investigation and Policy Analysis Keynote Paper
W. Suebnusorn Vocational Education for Pineapple Farmers: A New Dimension of Relevance to Rural Labor Market Demand  
Z. Zhou Health Education for Rural Development-China's Ex  
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